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Geological documentation and results of geological projects

Tasks of the State Geological Survey (SGS), as stipulated by law:

Collection, permanent storage, processing, assessment and provision of geological documentation and of the results of geological projects carried out by individuals and organizations in the Czech Republic. These tasks are performed by virtue of Act No. 62/1988, on geological work, and Ministry of the Environment (MoE) Decree No. 368/2004, on geological documentation. The aim of the SGS tasks is to allow for all collected and stored geological documents to be used primarily to provide technical assisstance to state and local authorities, for the needs of environmental management and protection, for the purpose of mineral safeguarding and inventory, for land-use planning, for the national mineral policy and energy concept, for directing and managing the geological survey of reserved minerals and other mineral resources, for free access to information, for the needs of individuals and legal entities, and for scientific needs.

Collected reports – Geofond Archive

Collected reports handed over according to Act No. 62/1988, on geological work, are stored in the state geological survey archive. Currently, the Geofond Archive provides access to over 220 000 geology-related unpublished reports stored in its collections. Each year, the Geofond Archive receives more than 3 000 reports on the results of geological projects from organizations awarding geological projects, or from those that carry them out. All of the reports received are made available to researchers after being entered into the relevant databases of the Czech Geological Survey (CGS) Information System.

Digital Archive

The archive contains around 25 000 accessible reports in digital format. Since 2004, primarily older unique paper documents from the Geofond Archive, which are over time becoming illegible and delicate due to frequent handling, are being systematically scanned.

Borehole surveys

The boreholes inventory includes hydrogeological and geophysical data. The database provides key information on geological surveys carried out in the Czech Republic and helps to provide a detailed view of the geological structure of the country. It is the most extensive and most widely used database. Currently, the information stored in the databases is provided to users in the form of individual outputs, or via the Geologically documented objects and Geological Map Server applications.


Collections of permanently stored samples containing nearly 30 000 samples of documented sections or continuous drill cores from structure test holes and other significant boreholes drilled in the Czech Republic. Samples designated for disposal are being continuously added to the collections. Information on the stored samples is maintained in a separate publicly accessible database.

Geophysical databases and documentation

The CGS office in Brno houses the reports archive of the former Geofyzika Inc. and maintains the following databases of geophysical data: magnetometry, radiometry, gamma-ray spectrometry, gravimetry, petrophysics, seismology, geoelectrics – VES measurements, including map depictions of geophysical surveys.


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