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The organ of district geologists and associated specialists assists in background data acquisition and providing expert information according to the requirements of government authorities of the Czech Republic of all levels.

Such expert opinions serve for respective political, economic and ecological decisions concerning land use planning, natural environment protection, natural resources management and protection and other important environmental issues.

District geologists and associated specialists have a mandate to cooperate officially with regard to geological problems with regional and local authorities and autonomy organs (e.g. with municipal and county authorities, the Administration of Protected Landscape Areas, regional branches of the Ministry of Regional Development and respective sections of the Ministry of Environment). District geologists suggest and if need there is also assure geological activities necessary for a sphere of action of state authorities and autonomy organs. They offer professional consultations to these bodies.

District geologists and associated specialists express the views of the Czech Geological Survey concerning mainly hazardous geofactors, conflicts of interests, land use planning documents, impacts of construction activities and technologies on natural environment pursuant the Law No. 100/2001 Coll. (E.I.A.), concerning also procedures in construction planning and plans for the protection of the environment, all this on the basis of written requirements of state and autonomy authorities.

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