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Catalogues and databases

The fund of the CGS Library contains a unique collection of books, periodicals and off-print in the field of Earth sciences from all over the world in both printed and electronic form. The fund of the library of Ministry of environment and the special collection of mining books are the integral part of this collection of more than 200,000 books.

Searching in information sources of the CGS Library

Searches of the scanned catalogues can be made alphabetically by author, title of the periodical (the old card catalogue is sorted according to substantives in the title of the publication), and by factual content (key words, descriptors). Electronic catalogues (from ca. 1985) enable extended and combined searches of all bibliographical information.

Some documents are held in a separate depository outside Prague and it is necessary to order them in advance. All offprints, handbooks and older journals (published before 1970 in Europe, USA, Canada, and the reminder of the world) and older monographs (published before ca. 1970) are stored there.

Electronic catalogues

These catalogues contain the titles of books (since 1981), offprints (since 1990), electronic publications, periodicals to which the CGS library subscribes, and classified lists of papers about the geology of the Czech Massif and related geological units by Czech and foreign authors published in Czech and foreign periodicals, and monographs deposited in the library collection (since 1985). Cataloguing of the earlier publications is currently being completed.

General Catalogue

The general catalogue is the scanned index of books, periodicals and off-prints covering the period 1850 -1986. It contains about 125,000 entries. The catalogue is arranged according to substantives in the name of the publication (including periodicals), and the names of authors. The catalogue was set up in 2001 and it is currently being updated.

Geological Bibliography – Author Catalogue

This scanned bibliographical catalogue of articles, papers, offprints and books published in the Czech and Slovak Republics during the years 1928-1989 is arranged alphabetically by author and contains 100,000 entries. It is now closed.

External Databases and Information Sources

Review of licensed and free electronic sources of information.

Issue and return of loans

A reader holding a registration card is entitled to borrow items from the library. The holder is obliged to sign a receipt for the item when it is collected. The return of items loaned to a registered reader can be made by another person. The basic period for which items can be held on loan outside the CGS building is 1 month; though the period can be extended by arrangement. Members of the CGS staff are entitled to borrow items for 6 months with the possibility to prolong this to one year.

It is necessary to apply for a renewal of the loan in person, by phone or by e-mail before the term expires. It is possible to make the first renewal by phone or by e-mail; but each subsequent renewal must be made in person with the borrowed item. Renewal is possible as long as the document has not been reserved by another reader.

Interlibrary service

The Interlibrary Service enables CGS library users to obtain documents related to their scientific interests from other libraries in the Czech Republic or from libraries abroad if these are not held in the CGS Library. This may involve interlibrary loans of books or the supply of articles copied from journals or proceedings. This service is provided free to the staff of CGS; the costs of the interlibrary service are covered by the CGS Informatics Department. For other users a fee is charged for this service to cover the costs involved.

Through the interlibrary services it is possible to request books, proceedings, copies of articles, and extracts from books and research reports. It is not possible to borrow old prints, original manuscripts, antiquarian books, maps or complete volumes of journals. Exceptionally, individual issues of a journal can be borrowed by personal agreement.

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