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The CGS Library collects, stores and makes accessible publications in the field of Earth sciences from all over the world in both printed and electronic form. The collection of more than 200,000 books held in the geological library of the CGS is the largest holding of geoscientific publications in the Czech Republic. In the study room, users are able to consult a wide range of professional journals, text books and specialist monographs as well as popular literature on topics relating to geology and the environment. Free access to the internet is also available to readers.

On-line calalogue

Library holdings, study and reading rooms

The books and documents held in the CGS library can be consulted by users in the public study room at the Library of CGS, Klárov 3/131, Prague 1. Here it is possible to search for documents using the catalogues and databases. The most important card catalogues and card indexes have now been scanned and the databases have been made accessible using on-line catalogue.

phone +420 257 089 439, e-mail,
Mo closed
Tu-Th 8:00-15:00
Fr 8:00-12:00

The CGS Library assumed responsibility for the stock of the Library of the Ministry of the Environment, which was disbanded as of December 31, 2012. It includes a collection of both books and journals. Searches for documents can be made using on-line catalogue under the signature beginning with the letters ZP.

Books and documents held in the archive of the CGS branch in the Town of Brno are accessible to users in the study room at Leitnerova Str. 22, Brno. Searches for documents can be made directly in the study room. Searches for documents compiled retrospectively can be made using on-line catalogue under the signature beginning with the letters BR.

phone +420 543 429 201, e-mail,
Mo closed
Tu-Th 8:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00
Fr 8:00 - 12:00

The special collection of minig publications located in the CGS office in the Town of Kutná Hora is accessible in the study room in Kutná Hora. Searches for documents can be made using on-line catalogue under the signature beginning with the letters KH. The users can study individual documents personally. It is necessary to reserve this visit.

phone +420 327 515 724, e-mail,

Registration of readers and students

Registered users have access to all materials and databases accessible in the CGS study rooms and reading rooms. Personal registration and the issue of a registration card are only permitted for persons over 15 years of age holding a valid identity card or passport. The registration card is valid in the all CGS study and reading rooms.

By paying an all-inclusive yearly fee, users of the public reading room of the CGS library and archive are entitled to use the library and archive services, and to have access to the internet and licensed databases for a period of twelve months. It is also possible to pay for short-term access without registration. On this basis a user can study individual documents personally without having access to the licensed databases.

Reservation of documents

Books and documents held in the reference library at CGS can be consulted directly in the reading room and literature can be brought from collections held elsewhere in the CGS building. In the case of some publications held outside Prague it is necessary to submit a request in advance. It is usually possible to obtain a requested book within one week. It is possible to reserve a book by sending an e-mail request to

Issue and return of loans

A reader holding a registration card is entitled to borrow items from the library. The holder is obliged to sign a receipt for the item when it is collected. The return of items loaned to a registered reader can be made by another person. The basic period for which items can be held on loan outside the CGS building is 1 month; though the period can be extended by arrangement.

It is necessary to apply for a renewal of the loan in person, by phone or by e-mail before the term expires. It is possible to make the first renewal by phone or by e-mail; but each subsequent renewal must be made in person with the borrowed item. Renewal is possible as long as the document has not been reserved by another reader.

Bibliographical research

The staff of the CGS library provide comprehensive information services, the aim of which is to provide an orientation in the modern geological information environment, and to use sources of information in both traditional and electronic form. The user can obtain information about the availability of requested material in the CGS library, as well as the conditions governing access to it.

Reprographic services in the CGS study room

In the CGS (at Klárov 3 Str.) study room it is only possible to make black and white copies in A4 and A3 formats of documents held in the library. Users can make copies of printed publications themselves under the supervision of the librarian who, depending on the condition of the document, will decide the procedure that must be used to make the copy. In the case of old or damaged documents, only digital photographs are permitted, so that their long-term protection can be guaranteed. Charges for these services are given in the price list of the CGS library. Payment should be made directly in cash in the library study room. Subsequent payment based on an invoice is possible only in the case of inter-library services. In the case of printed documents, the user must comply with copyright regulations.

Interlibrary service

The Interlibrary Service enables CGS library users to obtain documents related to their scientific interests from other libraries in the Czech Republic or from libraries abroad if these are not held in the CGS Library. This may involve interlibrary loans of books or the supply of articles copied from journals or proceedings. This service is provided free to the staff of CGS; the costs of the interlibrary service are covered by the CGS Informatics Department. For other users a fee is charged for this service to cover the costs involved.

Through the interlibrary services it is possible to request books, proceedings, copies of articles, and extracts from books and research reports. It is not possible to borrow old prints, original manuscripts, antiquarian books, maps or complete volumes of journals. Exceptionally, individual issues of a journal can be borrowed by personal agreement.

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Library Prague
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Library and Archive of Brno Branch
Czech Geological Survey
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Library of mining publications
Czech Geological Survey
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Czech Geological Survey
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