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Mineralogy – X-ray diffraction

Powder X-ray diffraction belongs among standard methods of solid matters analysis. It provides information about phase composition of sample (qualitative and quantitative phase analysis), and crystal structure of matters (crystal structural analysis). Application is also used at textural research (texture analysis), determination of crystallite size,strains and defects in crystals.


  • powder diffractometer Philips X´Pert (Bragg-Brentano arrangement, vertical goniometer PW 3020, CuKα radiation
  • Gunier camera Nonius
  • Precession chamber STOE
  • Laboratory for separation of clay minerals

Research activity

  • Crystallographic research of ternary systems with platinum metals
  • Study of geo-inspired advanced materials (skutterudites, perovskites)
  • Study of clay minerals and their interactions in a rock environment

Service activity

  • Phase analysis of geological and synthetic materials
  • Phase analysis of clay minerals
  • Separation of clay fraction

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