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Laboratory of Separations Brno

The Sample Preparation Laboratory (Department 451) is a workplace of the Czech Geological Survey, established within the Department of Geology (400), Department of Regional Geology of Moravia (450). It prepares rocks and sediments for paleontological and mineralogical research, geochemical analysis and geochronological dating. It ensures the continuity of sample processing in other laboratories of the Czech Geological Survey. It cooperates with the X-ray lab. microanalysis and laser ablation workplace.

Most of the requirements for sample analyzes are assigned to CGS staff for the purposes of solving the tasks and projects financed by the Survey, or Grant agencies of the Czech Republic.

The basic methods of sample processing are crushing, sieving (wet and dry, bass analysis, granulometry, float), gravitational separation (shaking laboratory table, heavy liquid), magnetic and electromagnetic separation (Cook electromagnetic separator), and alternatively manual separation by selection under binocular microscope.

Retrieving of microfossils

In the Laboratory foraminifers and other microfauna are retrieved from rock. Used standard methods allow receiving microfossils from sediments and lithified shales using sodium carbonate solution, hydrogen peroxide and by mechanic crushing. Free calcareous foraminifers are retrieved from hard limestones and marlstones by acetolysis following the method of Lirer (2000).

Separation of minerals

LST (sodium heteropolytungstates) non-toxic heavy liquid for the minerals separation is used. Heavy minerals serve to determine the provenances and as an auxiliary stratigraphic method. Linking heavy liquid separation and electromagnetic separation allows to obtain high-quality mineral fractions for laser ablation dating.

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