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Optical microscopy

The laboratory of physical-optics methods offers the following services:

  • quantitative and semiquantitative analysis of heavy minerals
  • quantitative determination of microhardness (VHN)
  • quantitative determination of reflectivity
  • refractive index determination
  • determination of optical parameters in transmitted and reflected light
  • microphotography


  • stereomicroscope NIKON SMZ800
  • polarizing microscope NIKON ECLIPSE E 600 with a set of lenses CFI Achromat Series for diascopic observation (in transmitted light), set of lenses CFILU Plan Fluor for episcopic observation (in reflected light), camera Nikon DS-U2/L2 USB
  • SW NIS-Elements AR 3.1 with image analysis
  • microscope Ortholux-Pol with equipment for measuring of reflectivity and micro-hardness (VHN) Leitz
  • luminescence lamp
  • Pulfrich and Abbé refractometer
  • one and two circle goniometer

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