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The laboratory is closed for technical reasons. It should be opened again in mid 2013. For more info please contact laboratory personnel - Jakub Haloda, Patricie Halodová, Ondřej Pour - tel. 251085217, 251085219.

Information for users

Possibilities of utilization of appliances and methods of the Laboratory for electron microanalysis

The laboratory of electron microanalysis offers to all interested persons a possibility to use the instrumental equipment of the laboratory, and methods of electron microscopy and microanalysis when solving partial problems on different research projects in natural and material sciences. Possibilities of using the appliances and methods of LAREM follow instructions and recommendations mentioned on this page (Information for users).

Realization of analytical works and utilization of instrumental equipment LAREM is the most frequently going on by a form of direct and active cooperation of the laboratory staff with principal investigators and participants of partial research projects. It is possible to use the following forms of cooperation:

  • scientific service activity (concerned specialist of the laboratory is fully responsible for a development of an optimal methodics, acquisition and quality of the gained data, he/she actively and directly participate on their processing and interpretation in the frame of relevant research project on a base of an agreement with its main principal investigator, he/she is also co-author of a relevant publication outputs).
  • service activity (concerned specialist of the laboratory is fully responsible for an acquiring of requested data, accuracy and correctness of analyses according to a submitter requests. He/she does not bear a responsibility for a data interpretation, neither does participate on the relevant research project, and he/she is not a co-author of a relevant publication output).
Type of analysis Price in CZK (Kč)/hour
Images in SB, BSE, CL 600
Quantitative and qualitative microanalysis 900
Analysis of crystallographic orientation of phases 600
Analysis of structural identification of phases 600
Areal distribution of elements 600
Set-up of accurate oriented cuts by method of low-speed cutting 50/pc
Set-up of preparates surface by methods of chemical polishing 100/pc

Reservation of terms, protocol about the order of analytical works

Ordering of terms of analytical works is possible after an agreement with the laboratory staff, Phone: +420 251 085 217, 219; e-mail: ,

Terms will be reserved regarding the date of the order of analytical works and an actual distribution of capacities approved by the Director of the Czech Geological Service. The laboratory staff will be pleased to consult details of your requirements when ordering terms. In a case of filled capacity and full up of all possible terms, customers will be proposed a choice of an alternate term. There is suitable to order terms of analytical works at least 14 days before the planned term of analytical works.

Analytical works are carried out on a base of a filled in protocol about commission on analytical works. The protocol includes all needed data for carrying out of analyses, and a detail specification of requested analytical works. It is necessary to hand over the filled in and signed protocol to laboratory staff in the day of initiation of analytical works, the latest. There is possible to download the commission protocol in the Microsoft Word format.

In a case the instrument will be, from any reason, out of order, you will be without delay informed about the term change. As far as you will wish to cancel your fixed term, notify it by phone or e-mail at least 2 days before. After this time-limit you will be charged by 8 hours of ordered works.

Person responsible for an allocation of device time of the microsonde is the head of LAREM, Mgr. Jakub Haloda. The head of the LAREM reserves the right to make changes in final reservation from serious operative conditions. In this case you will by informed about changes without delay.

The head of the laboratory is entitled to refuse your requested reservation in a case of not fulfilling of conditions presented in this part (i.e. information for users).

Analytical outputs

All the images and data are handed over in a usual electronic form, on a request also in a printed form, and simultaneously they are permanently backed-up in the laboratory archive. There is possible to print the gained images in a photographic quality on a high quality media up to A3+ format.

Requirement on analyzed samples

Samples for quantitative microanalysis have to be perfectly polished. Quality of the sample surface is controlled by an optical microscope in the reflected light. In a case of embossed and unsatisfactory polished sample surfaces it is possible to carry out a qualitative analysis only.

In case of analysis of non-conducting sample we provide their steaming by a carbon layer. There is necessary the samples for carbon coating to deliver together with filled in commission protocol 3 days before the ordered term, the latest (att. of Mrs. Tichá, workplace Prague, Barrandov, Phone 251 085 230, or 251 085 307).

There is possible, after a preliminary agreement, for scanning of sample surface in secondary electrons a sputtering by other suitable materials (Au, Pt, Pd). In these cases it is necessary to hand over the samples to the laboratory staff at least 3 days before the agreed term.

For the EBSD analysis it is necessary to adjust the sample surface by the method of chemical polishing. In such a case it is necessary to deliver the preparates (thin sections, polished sections) to the laboratory staff at latest 5 working days before agreed term of analysis. High quality polished samples only will be accepted.

Sample dimensions:

  1. standard polished thin section on underlying glass of dimensions 48 x 28 x 2 mm
  2. polished section of diameter 25 mm, height max. 20 mm

In a case of other dimensions and farther special requirements on samples contact, please the laboratory staff.

Samples arranged to shape of thin section and polished sections we can scan before sputtering. The gained images we print in colours to format A4 because of easier orientation in the sample during analyzing.

Time of analyzing depends not only on a number of analyzed elements, but also on a time necessary to find the appropriate place for analysis. We recommend warmly therefore to have preparates checked, eventually to take use of above offered possibilities.

Samples ready for electron microanalysis is necessary to deliver at latest 1 day before the agreed term of analysis. In a case of the sample delivery in the day of measuring you will be charged the total appliances time.

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