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Laboratory equipment

Concept of the laboratory is based on the use of the instrumental equipment for complex studies of different types of samples by electron beam.

Field emission scanning electron microscope

Field emission scanning electron microscope is a basic instrument of the laboratory. Besides its usual and enhanced functions it ensures also a proper function of additional microanalytical systems. The microscope itself enables to study samples in secondary and backscattered electrons and cathodoluminiscence. It is used for characterization of sample surfaces and their chemical composition. In the connection with microanalytical systems it also serves for detail microchemical studies.

Energy dispersive spectroscopy - EDS system (Oxford Instruments)

The silicon drift detector is prevailingly used for a current analysis of basic rockforming silicate minerals. It is also used for a compilation of distribution X-ray maps of individual chemical elements, modal mineral analysis, vector and planar analysis. The EDS enables a quick and reliable analysis of chemical elements in the range Be – U.

Wavelength dispersive spectroscopy (WDS) system (Oxford Instruments)

WDS system uses a fully focussing spectrometer for accurate quantitative analysis using the XPP matrix correction algorithm. Five diffracting crystals on six positions enable very accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical elements in a range of Be – U with excellent detection limits, which are less than 100 ppm for many elements.

Electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) system – AZTec HKL (Oxford Instruments)

System EBSD enables, at specific geometry, to detect diffracted electrons and with utilization of AZTec software the gained data more processed. Electron Backscatter Diffraction Analysis is used to perform quantitative microstructure analysis in the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), on a millimetre to a nanometre scale.

Completing appliances equipment

Polishing equipment KOMPAKT with automatic extender APX (MTH Hrazdil)

The laboratory of X-ray microanalysis is equipped by special polishing equipment which is used for treatment of preparative surfaces by process of chemical polishing. This equipment enables preparation of high quality preparates for EBSD. The polishing equipment broadens the laboratory possibilities of samples adjustment in a case of demanding requests on extraordinary quality of their surfaces.

Precise circular saw MIKRON 3000 (MTH Hrazdil)

Precise circular saw MIKRON 3000 is used for preparation of precise and accurate cuts for the needs of study of oriented preparates by EBSD methods. It enables to make accurately oriented cuts of studied samples. The equipment is capable to prepare also very thin cuts (as thin as 0,03 mm) for special applications. Producing of oriented cuts is going on by low-speed cutting under a minimal thrust when there is no structural deformation of crystalline phases of studied samples.

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