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Electron microprobe

Electron microprobe CAMECA SX100 has been installed in Brno on joint workplace of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Masaryk University, and the Czech Geological Service in April 2003.

Presently is the microprobe able of current routine operation. Set up of calibrations are processed for acceleration voltages 15 kV, eventually 20 kV:

  • feldspar (including Ba, Sr and P)
  • mica and chlorite (including V, Cr, Ni)
  • amphibole and pyroxene, garnet (including V, Cr, Ti and P)
  • tourmaline
  • titanite (including REE, Nb, Ta, V), epidote, and allanite (including REE and Th)
  • zircon (including Y, P, REE except Tm)
  • ilmenite (including Nb, V, Cr)
  • other common silicate minerals

There also has been worked out a set up for feldspars for accelerating voltage 10 kV. For sulfides and other ore minerals is ready a row of standards.

Besides mentioned quantitative analyses we provide:

  • Line analyses (concentration profiles)
  • Areal distribution
  • Photography in secondary electrons, backscattered electrons and also in cathodoluminiscence

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