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Inorganic geochemistry

The Central Laboratory is an autonomous department of the Czech Geological Survey within the subdivision of Geochemistry and Laboratories. Over many years, much experience has been gained in the inorganic analysis of rocks, industrial minerals and ores, soils, stream sediments, surface and ground waters. In recent years, the laboratory has been increasingly involved in the geochemical analysis of vegetation e.g. pine needles, peat, and leaves etc. for environmental purposes. Most of the requests for analysis of geological materials are generated by the scientific staff of the CGS under the terms of research programs financed by the Survey through grants from the Ministry of the Environment, the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic or the European Union. A significant number of the samples analyzed are from international cooperative development projects. The survey laboratories also undertake analytical work under the terms of commercial contracts for external clients.

Since 1993 the Central Laboratory has been accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation under the standard ČSN EN ISO 17025. On the basis of this accreditation, the analyses carried out by the CGS in their Central Laboratory are accepted in all countries of the European Union. To comply with the terms of this standard, the CGS has developed a system of quality control which is described in the Laboratory Handbook of Analytical Quality, Instrument Calibration, and Metrology. The analytical procedures used are described in the Notes on Analytical Methods (Metodické listy). The Central Laboratory has three sections: the Classical Chemical Analysis Section, the Spectral Analysis Section and the Water Analysis Section. At present, the Central Laboratory offers seventy different analytical procedures covering a complete range of geological samples.

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