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The workplace of radiogenic isotopes is equipped by multicollector mass spectrometer with thermal ionization from solid phase Triton Plus (Thermo Fisher, Germany).

Mass spectrometer is composed of three parts – ions source, analyzer and detector. The source of ions is electrically heated up metal ribbon on which is placed a sample in solid state (an evaporated drop with sample). At a suitable choice of string material (Re, Ta) the elements with relative lower ionic energy ionized if heated.

Ions are accelerated by high voltage electric field (10 kV) through a series of electromagnetic lenses towards magnetic analyzer. Magnetic analyzer is actually a static field 90° of sector electromagnet with a radius of 23 cm. Ions are divided according to their mass and charge when passing through the magnetic field, as the path of heavier ions lawfully gets bent less than that of lighter ions.

For a detection of a relative intensity of individual ionic beams are used Faraday´s detectors adjustable to an optimal position for a given isotope system. Multiplier of secondary electrons is at the disposal for beams with very weak intensity.

Ultratrace laboratory is used for a majority of necessary preparation works, what includes namely dissolution of solid samples and ion-exchange chromatographic separation.

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