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The Laboratories of the Czech Geological Survey are equipped with a wide range of analytical tools for geological and environmental research. We can undertake routine inorganic and organic analyses of geological materials for co-workers from the academic sphere as well as clients from industry. Our team has expertise based on participation in numerous national and international research projects, designing, and carrying out programs of instrumental analysis as well as interpreting the results.

Inorganic geochemistry laboratory, Prague

Inorganic analyses of rocks, soils, stream sediments and waters using classical instrumental methods including AAS, ICP-MS, XRF and specific methods water analysis.

Electron microscopy and microanalysis, Prague

Methods of scanning electron microscopy, electron beam microanalysis and structural analysis of geological materials.

Electron probe micro-analysis laboratory, Brno

A CAMECA SX100 electron probe micro-analyzer, joint laboratory of the Czech Geological Survey and the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Masaryk University.

Isotopes - H, C, N, O, S

Analyses of 13C and 18O in carbonates, 2H and 18O in waters, 13C and 15N in organic materials, and 34S in sulfides and sulfates.

Laser Ablation ICP-MS

The Laser Ablation Laboratory is focused on zircon LA dating.

Isotopes of Sr, Nd, Os by TIMS

Thermal ionisation mass spectrometer Triton Plus is dedicated to the analysis s of radiogenic isotopes (Sr, Nd, Os)

Isotopes of Cu, Ca, Zn, Li and Cr by Thermo Neptune

Multicollector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer Neptune is used for the analysis of Cu, Ca, Zn, Li and Cr in geological, as well as environmental samples

Thin and polished sections

Preparation of covered thin sections and polished thin sections, polished blocks, double-sided polished wafers for the study of fluid inclusions, polished grain mounts etc.

Mineral separation facility

Separation of mineral grains using magnetic, density, flotation and partial dissolution procedures

Laboratory of Separations Brno

The Sample Preparation Laboratory prepares rocks and sediments for paleontological and mineralogical research, geochemical analysis and geochronological dating.

Optical microscopy

Fluid inclusions laboratory

Micro-thermometric measurements of fluid inclusions and determination of the P-V-T-x characteristics of palaeo-fluids in minerals and rocks

Mineralogy – X-ray diffraction

Analysis of the mineral composition of geological materials, identification of clay minerals, Rietveld analysis and refinement of crystal structures and the characterization of new mineral phases.

Micropaleontology and chemostratigraphy

Preparation of palynological samples, washing and extraction of microfossils for micropalaeontological study, separation, identification and statistical analysis of populations of nanoplankton, spores, pollen and conodonts.

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