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Collections and material documentation

The collections and material documentation depositories give access to studying unique geological material acquired by the CGS staff members and other organizations. The collections and material documentation represent one of the largest funds in the Czech Republic with worldwide importance. Because of the fusion of Czech Geological Survey and ČGS-Geofond in the year 2012, there was a significant increase in total ammount of managed funds.

Application for geological samples and collections

Information about geological material housed in the collection of CGS is available via our on-line applications.


Significant plaeontological, mineralogical and rock material is stored in the Collection of CGS. During the working hours (after prior arrangement) it is possible to study the stored material on-site. The loan service applies only for study materials, not for the types and originals.

Apart from depository exhibits, the Czech Geological Survey presents a geological exhibition on the ground floor in its Prague building at Klárov.

Material documentation

Material Documentation of almost 30 000 metres of core samples contains unique material from documented sections and continuous drill cores from structural and other important boreholes drilled in the Czech Republic since 1920, which are permanently stored for future scientific investigations.

The drill cores or core sections, which are stored permanently in the Kamenná, Stratov and Chotěboř Sample Storage Facilities, are linked to written documentation held by CGS-Geofond. Visits should be made by prior arrangement (7-10 days before your visit).

Sample preparation facility

After prior arrangement the staff of the Collections can prepare your paleontological and mineralogical samples by using a very modern equipment. This facility has until present been available only in commercial firms specialising in sales of nature products. It supplies fully prepared sample materials from paleontolgical and mineralogical collections.

To obtain more information please contact Mr Radko Šarič, tel. 00420 257 089 512, e-mail: The preparation of study material is provided free for the staff members of the Czech Geological Survey, external users are charged by fees specified in the price list.

The collections and material documentation depositories

  • Praha-Klárov - the widest range of material administered: paleontological collections, geological-mineralogical collections, administration of repositories at Lužná (information: Petr Budil)
  • Lužná - the collection repository of thin sections, part of geological-mineralogical collections, material documentation, documentation of drill cores, locality paleontological collections, and material from abroad (information: Petr Budil)
  • Brno - primarily thin section material and drill core documentation, micropaleontological collection (information:Miroslav Bubík)
  • Jeseník - material and drill core documentation relating to the Jeseníky Mts. area.
  • Kamenná u Příbrami - material documentation - core samples(information: Alan Donát)
  • Chotěboř - hmotná dokumentace - material documentation - core samples(information: Alan Donát)
  • Stratov - thin sections(information: Alan Donát)
  • Jílové u Prahy - geological documentation about gold deposits in the Czech Massif - core samples, samples and thin sections(information: Alan Donát)

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Collections and Material Documentation are avalaible after prior arrangement.

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