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Geofond archive

The Geofond archive provides permanent storage and access to a large collection of unpublished reports and graphic documents containing the results of geological investigations. There are more than 270,000 archived items in the archive. There is a statutory obligation that all individuals and organizations carrying out geological work in the Czech Republic must submit the results of this work to Geofond in the form of reports and maps, as appropriate. This is stipulated in § 12 of the Act No. 62/1988 Coll. On Geological Works, and its later amendments. As a consequence, several thousand reports and expert opinions are submitted to the Geofond Archive each year for permanent storage. All the archived documents are systematically processed and integrated in the archive databases. Searches can be made using the application ASGI searching by choosing specific parameters. Thanks to systematic digital scanning, part of the archive is also accessible in electronic form in Geofond digital archive. .

In the Geofond archive at Kostelní 26 in Prague 7 the main collection of archived documents is available for study in the study room. A small part of the archive is stored outside Prague (e.g. signature row GF ZC, ITG, part of GF FZ) so that it is necessary to order items from these categories in advance. Information about all the reports and expert opinions kept in the Geofond archive, and additional information about certain documents stored in the archives of other geological organizations, are available through the application ASGI searching.

Basic signature rows (GF)

  • Collection of expert opinions and reports
    (signatury "P", "V", "MS") This section of the archive (categories with the indices “P”, “V”, “MS”) contains unpublished reports and expert opinions about geological, hydrogeological, engineering- geological, economic, geophysical, geo-ecological and radon investigations and surveys, including mineralogical, petrographical, physical, chemical and technical analyses and descriptions of boreholes. It also includes dissertations, doctoral and diploma theses with geoscientific themes by students, masters and doctoral candidates. It is the largest collection of unpublished reports and expert opinions dating from 1862 up to the present. The index “P” is current, the other indices were used in the past for specific categories of information: borehole logs (“V”), and shallow pits (“MS”). These are no longer in active use.
  • Reports on resources
    The category denoted by the index “FZ” contains reports about mineral deposits dating from ca 1952. These are geological surveys with estimates of reserves and resources contained in surveyed deposits of raw materials and ground water approved by the Commission for Classification of Raw Material Reserves.
  • Archive of reports on official travels abroad
    The category of reports denoted by the index “ZC” consists of reports, expert opinions, studies, dissertations and theses by students, masters and doctoral candidates, dating from 1920 to the present, concerned with the geology of areas outside the Czech Republic. The collection includes all reports submitted by geologists on official duties abroad.

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Geofond Archive
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Czech Geological Survey
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