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Archives of the Czech Geological Service provide permanent storage and access to a largest collection of unpublished reports and graphic documents containing the results of geological investigations in the Czech republic.

How to search

Information about the reports and expert opinions kept in all CGS archives, and additional information about certain documents stored in the archives of other geological organizations, are available through the application ASGI searching. (available in Czech language only)

Contact: Mgr. Milada Hrdlovicsová

Study conditions

The documents held in the CGS archives can be consulted by registered users in the public study room of the central archive Geofond in Prague 7, Kostelní 26. Most of the documents are available immediately upon the request. The digitized funds are available for study on the PC free of charge. Some documents are stored outside of Prague, in such case it is necessary to submit a request in advance.

Reprographic services and digitization

In the reading room of archive Geofond it is possible to make black and white copies up to A3 format, and coloured copies up to A4 format from the bound documents held by Geofond. It is also possible to make black and white xerox copies up to A0 format from large unbound folio documents. It is also possible to print the pages of digital reports and maps. Reports and expert opinions held in the Geofond Archive that have already been scanned can be provided in electronic form by downloading data from Geofond digital archive . Alternatively, a document held in the paper archive can be digitized to order for a user. In this case it is necessary to allow time for delivery. A request can be made by submitting an order form.

Price list

Registered users can study archive documents in the reading room of the Geofond Archive personally by paying a fixed fee for each document consulted according to the price list of archive services. Raster map data from the archive are provided according to the price list of the data services

Geofond archive

The Geofond archive. Geofond archive provides permanent storage and access to a large collection of unpublished reports and graphic documents containing the results of geological investigations. The study room of Geofond archive is situated at Kostelní 26, Prague 7. Thanks to systematic digital scanning, part of the archive is also accessible in electronic form in Geofond digital archive.
Contact: Ing. Michaela Hlubučková

Map archive of CGS

Map archive contains a large collection of geoscientific maps and manuscript documents. It is possible to carry out detailed searches using map applications by means of which previews of digitized documents and other detailed information can be obtained.
Contact: Ing. Katarína Černá

Archive of historical mining documents in Kutná Hora

This archive is located at Dačického Square No. 11 in the City of Kutná Hora. Here it is possible, by prior agreement, to consult the library and examine historical documents and maps. It contains a unique collection of historical of mining maps, books and other documents relating to mining, geological sciences and history. The archive of Mining maps is also available so that maps can be viewed directly in digital format.
Contact: Mgr. Jolana Šanderová

Geophysical archive Brno

The Geophysical archive is located at Jircháře Str. 4a in the City of Brno. An this office in Brno, by prior agreement, it is possible to consult the archive of unpublished reports and expert opinions containing the results of geophysical surveys mostly carried out since the 1950’s by Geofyzika Brno, and its successor organizations. This includes the results of research and systematic surveys carried out in the Czech Republic and abroad. The majority of the documents in the archive have already been incorporated in the ASGI system and it is possible to identify and locate them using the ASGI search application.
Contact: RNDr. Eva Hudečková

Centre for documentation of gold deposits at Jílové near Prague

The Centre for Documentation of Gold Deposits is located in the Regional Museum at No. 16 Masarykovo Square in the Town of Jílové, The museum is open to visitors by prior arrangement. The centre contains a collection of original geological reports, maps and sections, photographs, drawings and samples relating to old gold prospecting and mining work. The collection of documents has been incorporated in the ASGI system and it is possible to carry out searches in the ASGI application under the index JIL.
Contact: RNDr. Alan Donát

Photoarchive of CGS

The application (so far in Czech version only) makes large historical and contemporary photographic documentation of the CGS from the Czech Republic and abroad accessible to public. This application allows the user to search photos according to the information about the author, year of origin, localization (based on administrative units), geological classification, geological age and geological localities. Predefined galleries (series of thematic images) are available as well (e.g. Lipno dam construction 1958–59 or Expedition to the Antarctic 200409).
Contact: Tamara Sidorinová

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