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In addition to its statutory tasks of geological investigation and mapping, the CGS also makes the professional services of its laboratories and other facilities available to other government organizations, universities, private companies and members of the public.

State geological survey

The Czech Geological Survey is appointed by the Ministry of the Environment under the terms of Act No. 62/1988 Coll. on Geological Works to provide the state geological survey.


The Laboratories of the Czech Geological Survey offer their services in the field of inorganic and organic analytical chemistry, isotopic analysis, microanalysis, and specialized mineralogical methods.

Archives, libraries, and collections information services

The CGS provides a range of geological information services through the Library, CGS Archive, Geofond Archive, Samples and Collections, including resources accessible on-line through the web. Book lending, reference and research and reprographic services are also available.

The CGS Publishing Department

The Czech Geological Survey Publishing department is the biggest publisher of geological literature in the Czech Republic. The main outputs are professional publications devoted to specific fields of the Earth sciences, geological and purpose-designed thematic maps at different scales, and non-fiction works. In addition publishing, reprographic and printing services are also available. Visitors can purchase publications by visiting the CGS bookshops or use the on-line shop.

Provision of data

In addition to the free information services accessible on the CGS information portal and on its Map server, it is possible to order, in addition , vector data from geo-databases, raster data from the digital map archive, digital copies of reports and expert opinions from the Geofond archive and lists of analytical and other data.

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