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Projects – Groundwater resources

The projects investigated by the Czech Geological Survey within the frame of the main research priority "Research and review of groundwater resources (amounts, limits, quality)" of the CGS Research Strategic Plan for 2012–2015.


Targeted replenishment of groundwater as a tool to reduce drought impact in the Czech Republic

The main objective of the project is a change in groundwater management from a passive approach in the form of only restrictions in water use to an active approach of using free volumes in aquifers to increase groundwater resources in the landscape. The project also aims at better integration of groundwater assessment into operational predictive systems (HAMR or CHMI), which the MoE has been trying to enforce in the long term. The project consists of three main parts: (1) research of methods for targeted replenishment for increasing groundwater resources, identification of suitable sites throughout the CR for its application, (2) the nationwide map of the vulnerability of groundwater quantity to drought, (3) research of signal levels of drought in groundwater.

Project manager: RNDr. Renata Kadlecová Duration of the project: 19.05.2020–31.12.2023


Prediction, Evaluation and Research for Understanding National sensitivity and impacts of drought and climate change for Czechia

The aim of the project is to create a research centre that will focus on research in the field of climate change in a long term perspective. It concerns an analysis of the ongoing and prediction of future change, including identification of risks for the environment and society. The output will be the most up-to-date data necessary for the preparation and updating of strategic documents as well as for decision-making processes not only within area of climate change adaptation, but also for evaluation of mitigation measures in the process of their preparation and implementation. The output of the particular objectives described in the project will be a publicly accessible comprehensive research report supplemented by open databases, certified methodologies and, of course, scientific publications.

Project manager: Mgr. Ondřej Nol Duration of the project: 01.07.2020–30.06.2026



Project manager: Mgr. Pavla Tomanová Petrová, Ph.D. Duration of the project: 01.01.2020–31.12.2021


Groundwater in crystalline rocks

The project is focused on finding out the possibility of obtaining groundwater as a source of drinking water and on creating materials for stabilizing the hydrological cycle. An integral part of the project is the compilation of a methodology for processing the balances of groundwater reserves in the crystalline rocks. A significant part of the Czech Republic is formed by crystalline rocks, ie igneous or metamorphic rocks with fracture permeability. These are areas of the highlands that are currently significantly affected by drought. Drought is manifested both by a lack of water for the municipalities, as well as by the drying up of forests and crop failure in the fields.

Project manager: RNDr. Jitka Novotná Duration of the project: 01.01.2019–31.12.2022


Hydrogeological conditions in the vicinity of the Račice rowing complex and the influence of gravel sand mining on the hydrogeological and hydrological parameters of the rock environment in their vicinity

The aim of the project is to process current information on hydrogeological conditions in the vicinity of the Račice rowing area and on possible or real effects of gravel sand mining on the exclusive gravel sand deposit Račice-Předonín 1 and 2 on hydrogeological parameters of the rock environment in their vicinity. Cooperation with the Department of Geology of the Ministry of Environment.

Project manager: Ing. Petr Hrazdíra Duration of the project: 01.04.2020–31.12.2021


Turów 7/2016 - 2044

Objectives: To provide such geological-hydrogeological background and data that will allow to clearly define the anthropogenic impacts of mineral extraction in the Turów mine on the waters in the border area from Hrádek nad Nisou to the Frýdlantský výběžek. Completion of the existing groundwater and surface water monitoring network

Project manager: RNDr. Renata Kadlecová Duration of the project: 01.07.2016–31.12.2044


A Geological Service for Europe - Appraisal, protection & sustainable use of Europe's groundwater resources

Project manager: Mgr. Ondřej Nol Duration of the project: 01.09.2022–31.08.2027

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