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Projects – Geoenergies

The projects investigated by the Czech Geological Survey within the frame of the main research priority "Natural Resources", section "Research on geoenergies" of the CGS Research Strategic Plan for 2016–2020.


Práce v řídícím výboru mezinárodní výzkumné sítě ENeRG.

Project manager: RNDr. Vít Hladík, MBA. Duration of the project: 01.02.2020–31.12.2023


Možnosti budování podzemního zásobníku vodíku v geologických podmínkách jižní Moravy

Project manager: Mgr. Róbert Prochác, Ph.D. Duration of the project: 01.01.2021–31.12.2022


Geothermal-DHC Research Network for Including Geothermal Technologies into Decarbonized Heating and Cooling Grids

Geothermal-DHC is a research network for the integration of geothermal technologies into decarbonized heating and cooling networks funded by the COST program. Geothermal DHC addresses the integration of geothermal energy into decarbonized heating and cooling networks across Europe. The network follows a bottom-up technological approach that encompasses the whole spectrum of geothermal energy and envisages the entire process chain from planning to operation and monitoring. Our network addresses both renewed existing heating and cooling networks and new networks. Geothermal energy can act as a heat source, sump or storage and can be combined with other renewable sources (eg solar thermal) and waste heat in multivalent heating and cooling networks.

Project manager: RNDr. Vít Hladík, MBA. Duration of the project: 15.10.2019–15.10.2023


CO2-SPICER - CO2 Storage Pilot in a Carbonate Reservoir

The main objective of the Czech-Norwegian CO2- SPICER project is to prepare a pilot CO2 storage site on a refined oil and gas field located in southeast Moravia. A number of new approaches and methods will be used in the CO2-SPICER project. In addition to dynamic modelling and computer simulation of CO2 injection, these include state-of-the-art monitoring techniques or assessment of the possibility to combine CO2 storage with bacterial methanogenesis. If the project is successfully completed, it will be the first ever pilot CO2 storage project in Central and Eastern Europe.

Project manager: RNDr. Vít Hladík, MBA. Duration of the project: 01.11.2020–30.04.2024


Hydrogen Storage In European Subsurface

Renewable hydrogen combined with large scale underground storage enables transportation of energy through time, balancing out the impacts of variable renewable energy production. While storing pure hydrogen in salt caverns has been practiced since the 70s in Europe, it has never been carried out anywhere in depleted fields or aquifers. Technical developments are needed to validate these two solutions. As subsurface technical feasibility studies for a future hydrogen storage in depleted field or aquifer will be site-specific, as for other geology related activities, HyStories will provide developments applicable to a wide range of possible future sites: the addition of H2-storage relevant characteristics in reservoir databases at European scale; reservoir and geochemical modelling for cases representative of European subsurface, and tests of this representativeness by comparing it with results obtained with real storage sites models; and lastly an extensive sampling and microbiological lab experiment programme to cover a variety of possible conditions. Complementarily, techno-economic feasibility studies will provide insights into underground hydrogen storage for decision makers in government and industry. Modelling of the European energy system will first define the demand for hydrogen storage. Environmental and Societal impact studies will be developed. For a given location and hydrogen storage demand, a high-level cost assessment for development of each of the competing geological storage options at that location will be estimated, and the sites will be ranked based on techno-economic criteria developed within the project. Finally, several case studies will enable consideration of the implementation of potential projects, notably by considering their economic interest. This will provide substantial insight into the suitability for implementing such storage across EU and enable the proposition of an implementation plan.

Project manager: RNDr. Vít Hladík, MBA. Duration of the project: 01.01.2021–31.12.2022


Centre for Geoenergy Ringen

Preparation of the project SYNERGIS - systems for the energetic synergy.

Project manager: Mgr. Antonín Tym, Ph.D. Duration of the project: 01.06.2021–31.05.2022


SYNERGYS - Energy Systems - Preliminary Project

The project is focused on the preparation of key documents for the submission of an application for support of a strategic project for the Ústí nad Labem Region to the Operational Programme Just Transition Fund for the project SYNERGYS - systems for energy synergy. It includes in particular the preparation of a comprehensive feasibility study inclunding CBA and logical framework and other necessary documents required for successful submission of the application and meeting the conditions of the OPST - technical study of alternative solutions, legal analysis and provision of partial expert opinions and preparation of further recommendations and analyses of international and domestic experts.

Project manager: Mgr. Antonín Tym, Ph.D. Duration of the project: 01.02.2022–30.12.2022


A Geological Service for Europe - Geothermal energy & underground storage inventory

Project manager: RNDr. Vít Hladík, MBA. Duration of the project: 01.09.2022–31.08.2027

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