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The research projects of the Czech Geological Survey are categorized into seven main research priorities, according to their scientific specialization:

  1. Structure, Composition and Evolution of the Earth's Crust
  2. Biodiversity and global changes in geological history
  3. Analysis of landscape vulnerability by natural and anthropogenic processes
  4. Research and review of groundwater resources (amounts, limits, quality)
  5. Research on mineral resources and environmental impact of mining
  6. Research on environmental technologies
  7. Building of the integrated geoscience information system

In 2012, the research teams of the Czech Geological Survey have been investigating 128 projects in total:

  • 8 projects of development and innovations research (from this: 6 in co-investigation)
  • 69 internal projects
  • 24 projects of the Czech Science Foundation (from this: 10 in co-investigation)
  • 5 projects for the Ministry of the Environment
  • 1 projects within the frame of international cooperation, financed or co-financed by the EU and Czech Republic
  • 1 project of international development cooperation

According to the assessment of the Research, Development and Innovation Council of the Government of the Czech Republic, the CGS is the most scientifically successful institutions within the resort of the Ministry of the Environment in 2011. In a nationwide assessment, the CGS was ranked in thirty-first place from all 373 organizations assessed, which means that the CGS overtook many institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and universities.

The projects investigated by the Czech Geological Survey within the frame of the main research priority “Complex regional and depth research of lithosphere” of the CGS Research Strategic Plan for 2012–2015.

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