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Ground waters

Research on groundwater is motivated by the need to understand the processes that govern the distribution and flow of water in hydrogeological structures, the hydraulic behavior and properties of rocks, and the chemical composition of groundwater. The identification of aquifers, the definition and protection of areas of infiltration and the patterns of recharge and flow within them enable responsible planning and sustainable use of groundwater resources.

Information about the chemical composition of groundwater is essential to assess whether the resources are suitable for domestic consumption or for industrial or agricultural use only.

The disposal of hazardous waste and raw materials into the rock environment can cause contamination of groundwater resources, so monitoring effects of waste disposal is an important part of applied hydrogeological research. This involves measurement of the hydraulic properties of hard rocks, and the development of equipment and methodology for sampling and testing in small diameter hydrogeological boreholes in the field.

The main themes of the research on ground waters carried out by the CGS are:

Icon of Review of groundwater resources

Review of groundwater resources in the Czech Republic

The project includes reassessing of groundwater resources within app. one third of the territory of the Czech Republic. An integral part of the project is the development of methodological steps for the future periodical updating of groundwater resources.

Icon of Hydrogeological mapping

Hydrogeological mapping

Hydrogeologists of the CGS compile hydrogeological maps, sketches and explanatory notes, as an integral part of the national program of geological mapping at 1:25,000 scale.

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Applied hydrogeology

The CGS is undertaking long-term investigations of the hydrogeological properties of hard rocks in relationship to environmental impacts caused by the disposal of waste, spend nuclear fuel and raw materials in the rock environment.

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