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Environmental technologies and geo-energy research

Research in the field of environmental and geo-energy technologies is driven by the need to react – also in the area of geoscience - to the new local and global challenges of our time. The issues of climate change, energy security and the prepared visions of low-carbon economy induce new research & development topics connected with new views of utilisation of the geological environment.

These issues are inherently interdisciplinary; knowledge and experience from many various geological and related disciplines need to be combined – starting from general and structural geology, through hydrogeology, geophysics, geomechanics, geochemistry and reservoir engineering, up to information technologies and even social sciences.

CGS activities in this area base on the long-term experience in applied geology that provides the scientific and methodological basis. Main directions of the environmental and geo-energy research in CGS embrace:

Radioactive waste disposal

Since 1991 the CGS has participated in the "National High Level Waste Repository Development Project” financed by the Czech Radioactive Waste Repository Authority (RAWRA). Following a series of pilot studies, which included primary selection of twenty seven suggested geological localities, CGS' long-term research activities focus on a granitic massif in the Melechov test locality. The recent stage of research encompasses a complex of detailed geological, geophysical and geochemical research, including boreholes and related tests.

Energy storage

CGS participates in research projects focused on utilisation of geological environment for storage of thermal energy in the conditions of the Czech Republic.

Geothermal energy research

CGS takes part in research projects aimed at utilisation of the thermal energy of the Earth interior in the conditions of the Czech Republic. The results of research into both shallow and deep geothermal energy are provided for planning and further development of the use of its potential. Maps of geothermal energy potential of the Czech Republic and maps of the limitation of its use are published (Czech only) in the map application .

Use of underground space created by mining of raw materials

CGS puts long-term effort into research of meaningful utilisation of underground space originated by both historical and recent mining activities, including mine waters.

CCS and geological storage of carbon dioxide

Through the participation in international projects like EU GeoCapacity, CO2NET EAST and CGS Europe, CGS became a research pioneer among new EU Member States in the field of carbon dioxide storage in suitable geological structures with the aim to limit greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

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Geothermal energy potential

Map application - geothermal energy potential, conflicts of interest (Czech only)


Shallow geothermal energy in the Central Europe (Czech localities: W-Bohemia, Broumov e.g)

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