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Long-Term Catchment Monitoring

The system of long-term monitoring of the chemistry and hydrology of precipitations, surface waters, soils and vegetation structure, developed in the Czech Geological Survey is an important part of the environment-change research in the Czech Republic.

The glacial lakes in the Šumava (Bohemian Forest) Mts. with a continuous line of water-chemistry measurement since 1984 and the network of 14 small forest catchment areas GEOMON with a consolidated series of monthly data about the rainfall- and surface-water chemistry and hydrology since 1994 are part of the monitoring system.

The data from these monitoring systems enable to evaluate the trends, causes and effects of the ecosystem-changes at catchment-area and landscape levels. The gathered information is applied in developing the strategy and legislature of environment protection at national and European levels.

The monitoring system is a part of international and national activities, for instance the International Long-Term Ecological Research ILTER and of the Critical Zone Observation Network CZEN.

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GEOMON Project

The network of small forest catchments (GEOMON – GEOchemical MONitoring) was established in 1994 and it works without an interruption till today.

Biogeomon 2017

9th International Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior

Critical Zone Exploration Network

CZEN is a worldwide network of field-based research sites spanning environmental variables such as climate, time, biota, topography, parent material and disturbance.

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