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Editing and publishing activities

Review of editing of publications

The editorial activity within the Publishing Department of the CGS covers a wide scope that ranges from local research in the Czech Republic to the observations and conclusions reached by geological specialists based on research in different parts of the world. The publications produced by the CGS range from specialist journals and monographs to popular books on geological themes that meet the needs of non-specialists and younger readers.

Review of published printed maps

As the executive organization responsible for the governmental geological service, the Czech Geological Survey carries out regional geological research and geological mapping on the basis of which it compiles and publishes a wide range of geological and thematic geoscientific maps used for different purposes. Geological maps and maps derived from them provide the spatial framework to which further information about the geology and natural resources of the territory of the Czech Republic can be linked.

On-line publications of the CGS

In this section on-line access to the periodicals of the CGS is provided – Bulletin of Geosciences, Czech Geological Survey Special Papers, Journal of Geological Sciences, and Geoscience Research Reports. In addition, there are also other significant publications issued by the CGS, including annual reports, and publications about significant geological personalities.

Publishing services

The following is a list of services offered by the Publishing Department of the CGS.

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offers geoscientific maps, books and other publications

Bulletin of Geosciences Bulletin of Geosciences

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