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INSPIRE – Infrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in the European Community is an initiative of the European Commission. The Directive of the same name issued by the European Parliament and the Board has set the goal to create a framework of European legislation required to establish a European spatial data infrastructure (SDI). It sets down general rules for establishing a European SDI aimed specifically at supporting strategic environmental policy, and shaping policies that affect the environment. The major objective of INSPIRE is to supply high-quality standardized spatial information to be used in formulating and implementing environmental policies at all levels of the member governments within the European Community.

In its appendices, the INSPIRE directive defines three thematic areas of spatial data concerning the environment. Data falling in two of these thematic areas are generated and managed by the Czech Geological Survey. One is spatial data concerning geology included in Annex II, and in Annex III are included data about soils, about areas endangered by natural hazards, and about mineral resources. The Czech Geological Survey actively participates by commenting and testing implementing rules for implementing INSPIRE.

Statutory obligations of the CGS

According to the law, as the legally mandated organization (LMO) on behalf of the Czech Government, the CGS is obliged to provide access to sets of spatial data falling within the themes stated in Annexes II and III of the Directive 2007/2/EU. The CGS either creates this data, or organizes their creation for the purpose of public administration. All these categories of spatial data must be identified by valid metadata, and they have to fulfill all requirements stipulated in the implementing rules and technical guidelines for the implementation of INSPIRE.

The Czech National geoportal INSPIRE has been active since January 2011. In its first version, this geoportal mainly enables the production and display of metadata, registration of network services and national monitoring. It is based on a catalogue service defined by the Open Geospatial consortium and supports standards ISO 19115, 19119, 19139 for metadata relating to spatial data. This geoportal is compatible with the metadata profile stipulated in the INSPIRE directive, and enables integration with the European spatial structure.

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Poster - CGS metadata system and use of metadata (in English)

Presented at the 2013 INSPIRE conference in Florence.

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