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Infrastructure and Development

Some of the important aims of the geo-information system of the Czech Geological Survey are as follows:

  • to integrate development and utilization of the information technologies of the CGS
  • to unify procedures for acquiring, administering and supplying geoscientific information and information about geological works and their results to government, professional organizations and to the wider public
  • to support the activities and improve public awareness of the work of the CGS
  • to ensure compatibility of the CGS data with the environment information system of the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic

The priority in development and application of geographic information systems (GIS) within the CGS is focused on the creation of the National geological map database (NGMD), on the creation of the methodology for geological mapping required by the recent CGS directive, on providing access to digital geological data using the map server and other on-line applications, and on the production of digital maps. In connection with new research initiatives, activities have been expanded to include the creation and management of multidimensional data used for 3D geological modelling.

Information system of the Geofond Division is based on documents – results of planning and realization of geological works, results of administrative decisions of the state administrative bodies, results of regular or thematic surveys, or data based on notifications. During an expert processing of these documents, specialized derived data files are created, which become part of the automated databases (in Czech language). These databases are regularly updated by new documents as well as documents from the CGS archive.

The technical platform on which the information systems operate is based on Oracle, ESRI, Microsoft, SuSE Linux and VMware. The Information systems are designed for maximum accessibility and security. One of the most recent tasks has been to incorporate virtualization of hardware that enables administration of the information system to be simplified, while increasing the efficiency of performance and decreasing of operating costs.

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ESRI - technology for a complete GIS

CGS takes an active part in GIS Day.

Award ceremony during the 34th Esri International User Conference in San Diego Special Achievement in GIS Award 2014

A prestigious award from ESRI for CGS in 2014.

Special Achievement in GIS Award Special Achievement in GIS Award

A prestigious award from ESRI for CGS in 2004.

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