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Information systems

The chief objective of research activities under the heading of “Information systems” is the technical development and modernization of the infrastructure that enables the operation and use of the Geological Information System (GeoIS) in the context of the national strategy for overall management of information in the Czech Republic. The CGS works specifically on the development of data management so that the most up-to-date methods of acquisition of data from surface and by remote sensing can be integrated within a GIS environment and applied to geological investigations in the Czech Republic, in bordering countries and abroad. Simultaneously, services and technologies are being created and improved so that this information can be accessed and used efficiently by the geological community, government and the wider public.

In addition to participating in applied and regional geological research in the Czech Republic and abroad, the staff of the Department of Informatics at the CGS are committed to cooperate in a range of international activities concerned with the creation and implementation of regulations for a unified European geological information system as set out in the EU Directive INSPIRE, as well as taking part in global initiatives.

An important output from this scientific research and technical development is the publication of results and the promotion of its wider aims among the general public (see the activities of the Publishing Department of the CGS).

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