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RSS feeds or channels are special XML pages that are designed to enable easy sharing of information. The abbreviation RSS comes from the English term “Really Simple Syndication” and it denotes the format of files for web delivery of regularly updated information. Thanks to the RSS feed,users can stay up-to-date with regard to Information published on the portal of the Czech Geological Survey.

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RSS feed CGS Current Events

RSS channel containing information about current events at the Czech Geological Survey.

How to receive the RSS feed on your computer?

The RSS feed can be displayed on the majority of modern web browsers. For routine reception of RSS channels, including the CGS news, a web browser can be used. For example Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera enable direct reception, and also Google Chrome with a suitable extension.

Alternatively a separate program (RSS reader) can be installed, or alternatively an e-mail client can be used as long as it supports RSS (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird).

The final possibility is to use a web application supporting the function of RSS reader, e.g. feedly.

More detailed information can be found on the pages of English Wikipedia.

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