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Periodicals published by the Czech Geological Survey.

Bulletin of Geosciences

The Bulletin of Geosciences is an international scientific journal providing a forum for new observations, principles and interpretations in different geoscientific fields. The magazine is published quarterly by the Czech Geological Survey and contains original research papers, discussions and book reviews. The Bulletin (Věstník), which has been published under different titles since 1925, was included in the ISI database (Web of Science) in 2007.

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Czech Geological Survey Special Papers

The sequentially numbered edition of Czech Geological Survey Special Papers covers a wide range of geological topics. Individual volumes address various problems of regional geology, petrography, sedimentology, palaeontology, and geophysics, and also particular questions of environmental protection, e.g. a radon risk.

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Geoscience Research Reports

Geoscience Research Reports contain papers in thematic groups about the results of the latest research and progress in different fields of geological science and applied geology, including the results of investigations carried out abroad.

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