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On-line publications

In accord with the policy of maximizing public access to geological information, selected publications of the Czech Geological Survey are available on-line free of charge. You can visit individual pages of the scientific periodicals published by the CGS, the Czech-English and English-Czech geological dictionary and Geological Encyclopedia. Significant works published throughout the history of the CGS, publications devoted to famous geological personalities and publications describing the historical development of the Czech Geological Survey, i.e. books about the organization and annual reports, can be downloaded free of charge.


Periodicals published by the Czech Geological Survey.

CGS publications for download

Selected publications published by the Czech Geological Survey, released for free download.

Yearbook Mineral Commodity Summaries of the Czech Republic

The publication is the only public material that currently informs in a historical sequence domestic and international public about the mining, resources, stocks, prices of raw materials in the Czech Republic and about foreign trade with them.

Annual reports

Annual Reports of the Institution since 1991.

English-Czech and Czech-English dictionary

This dictionary is an electronic version of the geological dictionary compiled by Otakar Zeman, Karel Beneš and others and published in1985 by Academia Praha (Publishing House of the Czech Academy of Science).

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