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Maps at 1 : 200,000 scale

This series of geological maps at a scale of 1 : 200,000 was presented at the XXII International Geological Congress held in Delhi in 1964. It is one of the great achievements of geological mapping in the Czech Republic. In addition to geological maps at this scale, hydrogeological maps and maps of ground water chemistry are also available.

Geological maps at 1 : 200,000 scale, maps of pre-Quaternary Formations

Coloured maps showing pre-Quaternary Formations in the whole of the Czech Republic are available. These are based on the results of geological mapping carried out during 1920s. Detailed explanatory notes were issued with these maps and these have been scanned and incorporated in the Digital Archive.

E-shop Digital archive

Hydrogeological maps at 1 : 200,000 scale

In addition to printed hydrogeological maps we can also supply digital information in the WMS format.


Explanatory notes to hydrogeological maps at a scale of 1 : 200,000

Explanatory notes are also accessible on-line – see the link next to Digital Archive.

Digital archive

Maps of ground water chemistry at a scale of 1 : 200,000


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