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Printed maps

The Czech Geological Survey holds a complete collection of its own printed geological maps, together with original manuscript maps, and also a unique collection of printed geo-scientific maps from all parts of the world (183 countries). These together constitute the map holdings of the CGS Archive. It is possible to consult any of these maps in the study room of the CGS Library and Archive, or a preview can be obtained via the on-line application Digital Map Archive.

Maps from the Publishing department of the CGS

Printed maps published by the CGS can be purchased directly from the CGS bookshops or via the on-line bookshop. The range of maps for sale includes all the map series published by the Czech Geological Survey. We can supply geological and applied thematic maps at scales of 1 : 500,000, 1 : 200,000, 1 : 50,000 and 1 : 25,000 respectively. The availability of individual map sheets can be found in the relevant index. We also sell tourist maps of the geology of the protected national parks of the Czech Republic, as well as applied geo-scientific maps. Maps can be provided in digital format on CD or DVD. Maps produced by the Czech Geological Survey as a part of international projects are also available.

Geological map at a scale of 1 : 500,000

After forty years, the Czech Geological Survey has published a new geological map of the Czech Republic at a scale of 1 : 500,000. This map depicts the geological composition and structure of the whole Czech Republic and is published with a memoir describing the geological evolution of the region.

Maps at a scale of 1 : 200,000

In addition to geological maps at a scale of 1 : 200,000, hydrogeological maps with explanatory notes and maps of ground water chemistry are also available.

Maps at a scale of 1 : 50,000

The Czech Geological Survey is the first national geological survey to publish a complete edition of 1 : 50,000 scale geological and thematic maps covering its whole territory. This series consists of 1,651 maps which were issued progressively during the period from 1985 to 1998. Explanatory notes for each map sheet of this series were also printed in booklet form. They describe in detail the geological composition and structure of the area covered by each sheet, together with related aspects of engineering geology, economic geology, hydrology etc.

Maps at a scale of 1 : 25,000

This series of maps at a scale of 1 : 25,000 are the most detailed geological maps published by the CGS. The whole of the Czech Republic has not yet been mapped at this scale. Information about the available coverage is given in the attached index of sheets. Booklets of explanatory notes are published for each map sheet in this series. An explanation of the geological composition and structure of the area covered by the map sheet is given, together with relevant details concerning the engineering and economic geology and other related phenomena.

Thematic maps covering the whole of the Czech Republic

In addition to published geological maps there are related scientific maps available in our shop. We offer hydrogeological, tectonic and geomagnetic maps.

Regional Geological Maps

The Czech Geological Survey offer series of geological maps for tourists from different parts of the Czech Republic.

Geological maps of countries outside the Czech Republic

Under the terms of cooperative development grants, training programmes and specific technical assistance contracts the Czech Geological Survey has compiled and published geological maps of a number of areas in different parts of the world, e.g. the Trans-Altay Gobi in Mongolia and the volcanic chain of Nicaragua.

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