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Map applications

CGS Map server provides access to a broad variety of data and information, which are collected and processed by the Czech Geological Survey, as stipulated by law. Data (especially primary map documents, applied data, and information regarding geological structure of the Czech Republic) is being continuously updated. Map applications are being progressively upgraded from the former ArcIMS version to ArcGIS Server platform.

Below you can find a thematic overview of CGS map applications. You can also display an alphabetical list of map applications, which also includes map applications that work with static data.

Whenever you share a map cut-out or its edited version, please cite it as follows:
<Titles of the depicted map layers>. In: <Title of the map application> [online]. Praha: Czech Geological Survey [cit. <Date of creation of the cut-out>]. Available from: <web page of the map application>
Example: "Significant geological localities, Geological map 1 : 50,000. In: Geological map 1 : 50,000 [online]. Praha: Czech Geological Survey [cit. 2018-07-31]. Dostupné z:"
If you are sharing a modified version of the CGS map, it’s also required to state the way you modified it.

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List of Esri ArcGIS Server services

Map services based on Esri technology

List of WMS services

WMS services offered by CGS.

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