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Map archive

The archive of the Czech Geological Survey contains the most comprehensive collection of geoscientific maps in the Czech Republic. The maps relate not only to the area of the Czech Republic, but also many other parts of the world. The collection of maps, as well as geological manuscripts, can be consulted by professionals and interested members of the public using the internet applications of the digital map archive, or by visiting the Study Room in the library and archive of the CGS at Klarov.

Digital map archive

The Internet applications in "Digital map archive" enable access to various printed geoscientific maps from the Czech Republic and abroad. The result of a search is partly information about the document requested and also a preview of it. Manuscript maps are described in detail, in particular those produced by the staff of the CGS and their predecessors. It is also possible to search for manuscript and printed documents related to maps e.g. explanatory notes, legends, geological cross-sections.

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Basic attribute search (content of the map)

This database application gives access to the whole CGS map archive. Users can search the database according to the theme of the map (geological map, map of mineral resources etc.), year of publication, author, displayed country or continent, or scale.

Searches using the sheet indexes

This is a graphical application that can be used with the help of an instruction manual to find Czech geoscientific maps. The result is bibliographical information and a preview of the document as a gif file. The application gives access only to the range of Czech maps forming parts of sheet indexes. Through this application, the CGS archive offers the majority of its map collection on-line. That part of the collection that has not been made fully accessible in digital format can be consulted in the Study Room of the CGS Archive.

Geological maps of Europe (1780-1918) Geological maps of Europe (1780-1918)

DVD with old geological maps

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Archive applications

List of on-line archive applications.

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