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Current events

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České středohoří Mts and ambient young alkaline volcanic complexes in the Rift, Czech Republic

June 4, 2010

After a brief appreciation of scientific work of J.E. Hibsch who studied the České středohoří (CS) Mts young alkaline volcanic ... (full text)
Book wrapper Caves in Usti Region

New book about caves in Usti Region

May 26, 2010

New book from authors Michal Holec a Richard Pokorný offers a list of caves in Ústí n.L.Region with its description. The ... (full text)
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New geological maps in scale 1 : 25,000

March 12, 2010

Published maps are the result of field work on the project of mapping Protected Landscape Area Žďárské vrchy. There are ... (full text)
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Čejchanová A. and Cajz V. (2009): Geological maps of the České středohoří Mountains by J. E. Hibsch

March 12, 2010

This book mediates the unique historical map work from world famous volcanic area to audience of geological and historical ... (full text)
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New publication about the club Cafe Barrande

December 22, 2009

New publication about the club Cafe Barrande, that connects scientists and their friends in the field of nature sciences. ... (full text)

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