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A Guidebook to the Geology of the Šumava Mts. has been published

October 3, 2006

It was written and prepared by the Czech authors Jiří Babůrek, Jaroslava Pertoldová, Kryštof Verner, and Josef Jiřička, in 2006. Representing the results of a long-standing cooperation of the Czech Geological Survey and the management of the Šumava (Bohemian Forest) National Park and its Protected Landscsape Area, this edition includes not only geological mapping and research of the Šumava territory, but also popularization of geosciences to the tourists and mountain visitors. The qualities define the guidebook as an iniciative of the International Year of the Planet Earth which has been announced by the geoscience organizations of the world and by the United Nations for the year 2008. The publication concurrently reminds of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Šumava National Park. The book can be bought either in the CGS shop at Klárov, Prague 1, or ordered in our on-line bookstore.

Author: Jaroslava Pertoldová

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