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News item

The web portal of the disbanded organization CGS – Geofond put out of operation

March 13, 2013

Since March 15, 2013, the web portal of the disbanded organization CGS – Geofond has been put out of operation.

The visitors will be redirected from the URL starting to the Czech version of the CGS website, and from the URL starting to the English version of the CGS website. On these CGS websites, the visitors can access information on the activities of the CGS within the frame of providing the state geological service.

The function of other applications in the domain (for example of the map server Mapsphere, ASGI application etc.), as well as of the sites and applications of the Geofond intranet, remains unaffected.

Should you have any queries, please use the e-mail address

Author: Radek Svítil

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