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Newly published special issue of JGSci

July 31, 2009

Dr.J.Pertoldová together with her team made good use of the results achieved during the three-year research undertaken within a joint project of OOHPP and CGS No. 6352 “Reconnaissance of lithologically contrasting rocks in crystalline units at the NE border of the Moldanubicum” (Pertoldová et al. 2007). An extensive, multi-purpose and unique set of field and laboratory data was created in the course of 2005 – 2007. A part of the obtained results is presented in seven papers published in the Journal of Geosciences, Vol. 54/2009/No.2 ( The newly published issue of JGSci is dedicated to problems related to “Geological development of the region at the NE periphery of the Moldanubian Zone, the eastern part of the Bohemian Massif”, guest editors: Jaroslava Pertoldová, Stanislav Vrána

Author: Petr Mixa

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