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The Geofond became a part of the Czech Geological Survey

January 13, 2012

After years of negotiations, the long planned union of the Geofond and the Czech Geological Survey finally has taken place. The Ministry of Environment as the founder cancelled to the December 31, 2011 the state organ named Czech Geological Survey – Geofond, by the Action No. 3/11, and issued updated full version of the Founding Act of the state-funded body Czech Geological Survey, by the Action No. 5/11.

From the January 1, 2012, the majority of the former employees of the Geofond started to work in the Czech Geological Survey. Within the frame of the Czech Geological Survey, a new division (600) Geofond was established and RNDr. Vít Štrupl was appointed both its head and assistant director of the CGS. The seat of the division remains in the Kostelní 26, Prague 7, where is also possible to borrow the outputs of geological works and the geological documentation. The current e-mail addresses ( and others) will temporarily stay active, however, the CGS – Geofond data box (ID: k2fabc5) has been cancelled. The state power bodies can presently make use of the Czech Geological Survey data box (ID: siyhmun) for transfer of their data messages through the data box information system. For other subjects, the data box will be functional only after the change of its status, which is going to be made by the Ministry of the Interior of the CR. We will inform the public about the full availability of the data box immediately.

The union of the state geological survey administration under the CGS will bring about not economies only, but higher efficiency and better coordination of the activities of these institutions that has been closely connected for long years.

Author: Zdeněk Venera

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