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News item

Helicopter with detector in the background

Airborne geophysical survey at Staré Ransko

August 29, 2023

Last week, the first campaign of modern airborne geophysical research was carried out at the reference site of the Staré Ransko ore district within the framework of the international SEMACRET project. CGS staff Vojtěch Wertich and Zuzana Skácelová worked with the geophysical project partners on the design and flight plan of the airborne geophysical survey given their knowledge of the geological and rock composition of the study area. On 22-24 August, the geophysical method FTMG (Full-Tensor Magnetic Gradiometry), which reads the magnetic field signal, was tested in the area. This method has not yet been applied in the Czech Republic and the aim of its testing on the known locality of the ultramafic Ransko Massif is to refine and improve this method for use in the exploration of magmatic deposits that are bound to rocks of this type. The announcement to the municipalities of the start of the airborne geophysical survey did not escape the attention of the media, and so a report on this survey was also produced. Links to the record of the report and the article are provided below.

Author: Vojtěch Wertich

Attached files

Geophysical device FTMG "bird"

Helicopter take-off with the magnetometer

Test flight with the magnetometer

Associated links

Record of a reportage by ČRo Vysočina

Link to the report on the iRozhlas website

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