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News item

3D model of amonit

Paleontology in 3D: photogrammetric models of fossils from the CGS collections accessible on our website

April 19, 2023

Several photogrammetric 3D models of fossils from the CGS collections and methodology for creating paleontological models have been created as part of CGS internal project, which focuses on 3D reconstructions and presentations of selected fossil material from the CGS collections. The photogrammetric 3D models have already been used for scientific cooperation with foreign colleagues and for popularization of palaeontology. Three pilot models are newly presented on the CGS website, see links below.

Author: Martina Nohejlová a Radek Svítil

Associated links

3D model of trilobite Phacops

3D model of ammonite Lytoceras

3D model of echinoderm Pyrocystites

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