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Logo of the Challenge Fund Development Cooperation project of CGS v Gruzii

„Georgia 2021“ Project successfully completed

January 4, 2022

The final expedition to Georgia within the international project Georgia 2021 took place in November. The main goal of the expedition was the final workshop, where the results of the project were officially handed over to the Georgian partners from NEA and also to the representatives of the donor organization Challenge Fund ( In addition to the workshop, CGS experts managed to survey and to collect documentation of new remote mountainous areas in the Kazbegi region. Among the most important results of the project are particularly: map of the main geological hazards of the Kazbegi area, the interactive Flow 2020 web tool to assist in geological risk assessment, joint Czech-Georgian scientific publication, a series of theoretical and field workshops to transfer know-how in the field of geological risk prevention, stimulating cooperation between CGS and NEA experts. The project was evaluated positively by both the head of the NEA geology department, Merab Gaprindashvili, who appreciated the amount of work done in a very short time, and by the Czech-UNDP Partnership for the SDGs office, which emphasized the thoroughness and complexity of the results and very good communication from the CGS.We would like to thank the whole team of CGS specialists, who participated on the implementing of the project "Georgia 2021".

Author: Martin Dostalík

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