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News item

3D model Střešovice

Geological 3D model for planning of the Střešovice railway tunnel in Prague available for interactive online viewing

April 3, 2021

A new geological 3D model for planning of the Střešovice railway tunnel in Prague 6 (J. Franěk et al. 2020) has been added to the overview map on the web page 3D geological models . You can view the model online in your web browser (Firefox, Edge, ...) in the 3D scene viewer through the ArcGIS Online service (Czech version only).
This model contains folded Lower Paleozoic sediments of the northwestern limb of the Prague Synform, covered with platform sediments of the Czech Cretaceous Basin and unconsolidated Quaternary deposits. The aim of the model is a unified visualization of geology and faults below the surface of this densely populated area in relation to the planned variants of the railway tunnel.
In the 3D viewer, try, for example, your own interactive creation of geological sections of the model in the right toolbar – “Analyzovat” tool – “Rozdělit objekty“ tab.

Author: Jan Franěk, Martin Paleček, Lucie Kondrová

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