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New 3D photogrammetric models on the CGS website

October 13, 2020

The web page 3D geological modeling on the Czech Geological Survey website has been extended. In addition to the already created 3D geological models, there are now the first examples of technically completely different 3D models, the so-called photogrammetric models.

The photogrammetric models presented here were used for:

- monitoring of rock falls at Nechranice dam,

- monitoring and research of the historical mining sites on the Jizerka stream and

- reconstruction of shafts in underground mines

This activity has been closely related to the introduction of UAV in the CGS´s activities and related UAV-borne data processing and visualizing needs. However, surface photogrammetric models are also created on the basis of hand-taken photographs, whether it be documentation of a surface quarry or an underground mine adit.

The models displayed on the web are quite large (one model is about 100-200 MB) and require sufficient graphics card performance in your device (but they should also work on modern mobile phones and tablets). As this is the first demonstration of this way of displaying 3D models on our web, we welcome all your comments and observations at

Author: Ondřej Švagera, Radek Svítil

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