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News item

3D model of the Čertovka lokality

Interactive web presentation of 3D geological models

October 15, 2019

In frame of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the CGS, a web page about 3D geological models created in the Czech Geological Survey was published.

Additionally to general information, the page contains an overview map of selected interactive static 3D geological models of the underground geology of the Czech Republic.

This map shows the extent of individual models created at CGS. For each model (after clicking) basic information will be displayed with a link to more detailed metadata, in case of four color-highlighted models you can run an interactive 3D visualization, which will open in a new tab. This visualization uses the 3D scene viewer of ArcGIS Online.

The viewer allows you to switch on and off individual layers, display legend, switch topographic base maps, create dynamic sections through the model, measure distances in 3 dimensions of the scene, etc.

An example is the model of the Čertovka locality in Western Bohemia, which was created for the Radioactive Waste Repository Authority.

Author: Jan Franěk, Martin Paleček, Radek Svítil, Lucie Kondrová

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