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News item

Quarries and building objects in the map

The map application Interesting geosites provides more detailed information about decorative stones

August 19, 2019

Extended information about quarries and places of use of decorative stones is now available in the map application Interesting geosites.

The layers "Decorative Stones - Quarries" and "Decorative stones - Buildings" have so far displayed only basic information (the name of the quarry or the name and description of the building). Now you can find more information about the mined rocks in the selected quarry and about usage of decorative stone at the selected building.

At the same time the old application Decorative stones was switched off. This application used a flash plugin, which support is no more avalaible in most web browsers. In addition, the Interesting geosites app is adapted for use on mobile devices, so you can search for quarry or building on your smartphone or tablet in the field.

For more information about decorative stones, visit the CGS site dedicated to this topic, see

Similarly, the Czech version of the Interesting geosites was modified in a similar way: the Interesting geosites app.

Author: Martin Paleček, Radek Svítil, Helena Skarková, Markéta Vajskebrová

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