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Geoplasma-CE - use of shallow geothermal energy within Central Europe

November 1, 2018

Time is passing quickly and GeoPLASMA-CE has already reached its final year. Since the last newsletter, we harmonized our workflows and approaches to assess, model and map resources and conflicts of use linked to shallow geothermal energy. Since the beginning of this year, we are applying and evaluating our workflows in the 6 pilot areas. Currently, we focus our harmonization activities on joint concepts and minimum standards for managing shallow geothermal energy use. The GeoPLASMA-CE approach supports integrative management strategies. What exactly does this mean? We would like to create a closed management circle, which links web based information systems to the resource assessment and planning as well as monitoring of operating installations. By doing so, we want to create “intrinsically learning” management procedures, which are updated by new installations and help to avoid negative mutual influences of shallow geothermal installations, especially in densely settled urban areas.However, we were not only working on harmonization. Our various field campaigns are ending soon and we started to develop recommendations / strategies / and actions how to better include shallow geothermal energy in heating and cooling energy supply concepts. As the first step, we performed SWOT analyses on the present and future role of shallow geothermal energy in our pilot areas, which present basis for our strategic work there.Last but not least, we have already put the GeoPLASMA-CE web portal to life. Our platform’s main aim is to share knowledge and interconnect people interested in the shallow geothermal energy. Have a look at and explore our knowledge platform. Our web-services will be launched soon at the same web address!Gregor Goetzl

Author: Zita Bukovská

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