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The CGS will work on the project in pursuance of executing the Göteborg Protocol

February 2, 2007

The Division of Geochemistry and Laboratories gained a research project called “Evaluation of the effects of the Göteborg Protocol on acidified and eutrophicased waters and soils – a proposal of another act of reduction” from the Norwegian financial devices. The Project, the costing of which is 22 millions of Czech crowns, includes repeated mapping of geochemistry of surface waters; calculations of surpassing critique load for waters and soils based on various assumptions of emission developments after the year 2010; creating of long-term trends of the development of soil and water chemical processes and composition; and research of dynamics of nitrogen behaviour in woodland ecosystems in connection with changes of atmospheric deposition and management in the woodlands. All the resulted information will be conveyed to the Ministry of Environment and other authorities as a basis for the Czech Republic negotiating a new European protocol of emission limitation (the Göteborg Protocol regulates national emissions of each country and is valid to the year 2010).

Author: Jakub Hruška

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