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News item

Open-air geological exhibition Práchovna Quarry at Kutná Hory

August 27, 2014

A new geological open air geological exhibition was opened in the revitalized quarry Práchovna located at the southern edge of Kutná Hora (Předměstí) in August 2014. It collects 42 blocks of the characteristic rock types from the Kutná Hora crystalline unit and its geological neighbourhood and provides accompanying information panels with maps and rock descriptions. Each block carries a short rock title also in Braille. The geological content was mastered by the Czech Geological Survey, the technical part was kindly supported by Silnice Čáslav, Ltd., NGO Denemark, and the Kutná Hora Municipality.

Author: Veronika Štědrá

Attached files

Opening ceremony in August 2014

Information boards accompanying rock blocks in the Práchovna exhibition

Titles on the rock blocka are also in Braille.

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