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Division 700 – Division of informatics

The Division of Informatics was established on 1st April 2001 to manage, operate and develop informatics in the CGS so that access to data and information is integrated, efficient and secure

Photo of Dana Čápová

RNDr. Dana Čápová

Head of the division.

Department 720 – Publishing

The Publishing Department of the Czech Geological Survey is the biggest publisher of geological literature in the Czech Republic. It specializes in professional publications devoted to individual fields of the Earth sciences, on geological and related thematic maps at different scales as well as titles on geological themes of general interest, which will inform the wider public and appeal to the younger generation.

Department 730 – Information services

The Information services department of the Czech Geological Survey was established within the Division of Informatics on 1st April 2001 with the aim of providing improved access for CGS staff and the wider public to published literature, reports manuscripts documentation and geological samples held in the CGS collections. The Information services department consists of the Geological library, the Professional Archive of Expert Reports and Maps, and the Section responsible for the collections of Geological Samples.

Department 740 – Geoinformation systems

The work of the Information systems department of the CGS is concerned, first and foremost, with systematically and permanently storing, managing and guaranteeing access to data gathered by the CGS. It also deals with the implementation of international standards to ensure interoperability of data sources in the context of national and European infrastructures for spatial information (e.g. INSPIRE, OneGeology, OneGeology-Europe).

Section 750 – Computer administration

The work of this section is primarily concerned with round-the-clock maintenance of the CGS information systems. The section runs its own system Helpdesk which provides technical support to all client ITC equipment. It implements legislative requirements governing operation of ITC HW and SW based on license conditions. It works continuously to take advantage of new trends in ICT technologies and security policy.

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